Friday, April 15, 2016

Crazy Socks

Crazy Socks

At my local knit shop (The Yarn Shop at Words of Life), these socks have are affectionately known as "Jerri's Crazy Socks".  Jerri said she learned how to make these socks while she was visiting her daughter in California, and now she's sharing what she learned. 

Belinda and I had a class with Jerri to learn how to make these socks.  So far, we are just working on the foot portion but, as you can see, these socks are knit on the diagonal.  The pattern includes some tricky increases but I think I am finally getting them down pat.  Tomorrow we will meet up with Jerri to learn more about how to complete the heel.  An interesting thing about this pattern is that there is a left sock and a right sock.  I also hear that there is some grafting (Kitchner stitching) in the heel; maybe I'll get to that spot tomorrow.

The yarn I am using is Plymouth Diversity.  I got this colorway because I think it will go great with my new shoes!

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