Saturday, April 2, 2016

Yarn Fest or Bust


It's been a busy week!  I hurried to get pillows made and shipped so I could pack and prepare for my trip to the Interweave Yarn Fest in Loveland, Colorado, with my friend Belinda. We've been looking forward to this for a year!

Of course, priority #1 for any trip taken by a knitter is planning what projects to bring to work on. I had to bring items for the class we planned to take as well. 

Then I had to think about packing things important items such as allergy meds (spring in Colorado!), cell phone charger, wine (don't forget the cork screw), and I  charged up my Nook in case I had time to read. I searched Ravelry for patterns I've been thinking about and printed out more patterns. A girl has to have her priorities. Oh, I even whipped up some Cinnamon Spiced Nuts for snacks. You can't go with out snacks!

Eventually I had to think about what to wear.  Outfits we're carefully planned and coordinated with hand knit socks. 

Yep, I got everything. All I needed was Belinda. So I left my house a little before 8:00 am on Thursday. 

Adele (Belinda's dog) surprised us and hopped into the back of my car when I opened the back hatch. 

We are having a GREAT time at Yarn Fest. I'll share more soon... 

Belinda and I are wearing our Bremen Muster socks in the photo above. 

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