Saturday, May 7, 2016


Here's Marilyn (AKA "My Knitting Guru"). She's an amazing knitter.  I am lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with her at my local yarn shop, The Yarn Shop at Words of Life. 

I've been feeling overwhelmed by my stash of yarn. It felt as if the floor space in my craft room kept getting smaller, like the walls were closing in. I went through all of my yarn a few weeks back and brought some yarn down to the shop to donate. Some of the yarn was worsted weight acrylic yarn and I knew I'd never use it.  Many folks at the shop are knitting for our local Humane Society and I knew some one would grab it for a little cat blanket. 

I also had this yarn called "Nancy" and I've been struggling to find a pattern for it. After several failed attempts and/or false starts, I admitted defeat. 

I offered the yarn to Marilyn and she said she'd love to knit something with it. I saw her about a week later and she had whipped up this great asymmetrical sweater. And doesn't she look just fabulous in it?  I think it really suits her. 

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Anonymous said...

It does look great on Marilyn. You are so generous. I am glad it did help you with your stash.