Sunday, May 29, 2016

Skew Socks Success

Skew Socks (AKA: Jerri's Crazy Socks)

It took me quite awhile to finish up sock #1, but I got sock #2 done in about a week.  

I really recommend this sock pattern. It was challenging but fascinating. If you download the pattern, you can read more about the designer. I always wonder about the folks who create such ingenious designs!  The designer of the Skew pattern is a mathematician. 

The pattern is free on Knitty. The pattern link is HERE.  Also, you might get a kick out of seeing this pattern knit up in a variety of yarns.  As I was finishing sock #2, I was already thinking about other yarns in my stash which might look great in this design. I've already cast on another pair. If you'd like to see this pattern knit up in different yarns, click HERE.  You'll find over 5,000 pairs!  The designer says the pattern looks great in hand dyed yarns, but I love how self- striping yarn shows off the diagonal stripes.  

Happy Knitting!


affectioknit said...

...very interesting...I like those crazy stripes...

~Have a lovely day!

Mari said...

Love those socks. And the color is spot on.