Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jerri's Crazy Socks

These socks are affectionately known as "Jerri's Crazy Socks" at my local yarn shop. They ARE really crazy. The construction and shaping are incredibly creative!  Jerri is the instructor at the shop who teaches folks how to work up these socks. 

This sock has been on my needles for probably two months?!?  I am not sure. But since I am focusing on finishing WIPs right now, this is the next project I want to focus on. I finished up sock #1 this weekend. It fits pretty darn well. 

It's hard to describe this pattern but I'll try to break it down. 

There is a right sock and a left sock. The pattern calls for knitting on two circular needles but I am using one 40 inch long circular needle (2.25 mm).  Each sock starts at the big toe and the socks grow on the diagional. When the sock is long enough for the foot, a gusset is formed; it kind of reminds me of how a thumb gusset is created in mittens. Several stitch markers must be used to keep track of the increases for the heel shaping. At one point in the heel shaping, some stitches are placed on double pointed needles and grafted together. The grafted area is at the side of the heel on the outside of the foot. The leg portion is made from a series of short rows. The pattern is like a puzzle with one surprise after another: super creative, somewhat challenging, and so much FUN!

Above and below, you can see the heel gusset being formed. 

Above. The pattern calls for right leaning and left leaning increases which were new skills for me (different from "make 1" increases).  The increases look nice and tidy along the inside of the foot. I love the look!

Above and below:  Yay!  One sock is done. 

I took a class to learn how to make these socks, but the pattern is free on Knitty. Here is the link:

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