Monday, January 18, 2016

Leftover Sock Yarn Cowl

My friend, Belinda, and I decided to make this project together and I am glad we did. Belinda and I went to the Interweave Yarn Fest in Loveland, Colorado, last year.  In one booth (Canon Hand Dyes) we found this great looking infinity cowl knit up.  The cowl used lots of mini-skeins of different sock yarns and black sock yarn called "Canon Hand Dyes Charles Sock".  In the booth, you could purchase the minis-skeins and the black yarn to make the project.  I remember doing some figuring and the project would have cost us at least $75.00 if we bought all of the supplies in this one booth.  I pulled Belinda aside and we figured we could get the black yarn in the booth, but then share our scrap yarn left over from our sock knitting, and together we'd have enough to make the cowls. 

We cast on our cowls when we went to our knitting retreat in Cucharra, Colorado, back in October, and we've both been working on them.  Belinda showed me her shorter version of the cowl last weekend; she decided to stop when her cowl reached about 34 inches.  I was not that far along in the project, so I steamed ahead to catch up with her.  I grafted both ends together so the loop is complete and I love my colorful cowl.  The cowl was knit in the round, so the cowl is both a tube and a loop. 

I love looking at the various colorful stripes. The cowl is like a walk down memory lane.... socks from my past.   

Here is the pattern for this cowl.  It's fun to look at the various cowls people have knit using this pattern:

Belinda and I think we have enough yarn to make another one of these cowls.  We definitely have enough left over bits of sock yarn.

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