Saturday, January 2, 2016

Building Blocks: Block #8

Yowza. I struggled to stay motivated to finish this block. I started this weeks ago!  

After starting the block and knitting the for awhile, I worried the block seemed too tight. I think slipped stitches, which are the little horizontal dashes you see which create a zig zag design, make the knitting pull and tug some. I had to tell myself I couldn't work on any "just for fun" sewing projects until I finished this block!  I powered through and, thankfully some of the pulling and tugging in the knitting which was driving me nuts, sorted itself out when I blocked the square. I am now madly working on block #9 and will try to finish it today.  My Building Blocks Afghan Classes start on January 8th, which is just around the corner.  It looks as if I have 10 ladies signed up for the class; there will be a session in the a.m. with 6 ladies and then the p.m. session will have 4 ladies. Fridays are going to be Fun-days!

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