Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Pair of Toe Up Socks

I am madly knitting another pair of two at a time, toe up socks. This time I am using Diversity yarn by Plymouth Yarns. 
The color way is bizarre. I was knitting these during some NFL playoff games so I kept calling these socks my "Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions" socks since the colors in the yarn remind me of those teams. 

I wound this yarn into two balls a LONG time ago. I think I was going for stripes going in opposite directions. Last week, when I cast on these socks, I just cast on. I did not care about the socks matching. I just wanted to make a better fitting pair of toe up socks. The last pair was a bit long since I stared the heel a bit too late. 

The pattern I have for toe up socks was not well written so I found myself reading Fleegle's blog to better understand the Fleegle Heel. 

The heel is amazing. I am attaching some helpful links so I can keep them all in one spot. If you want to try out toe up socks with a Fleegle heel, maybe you'll find these links helpful as well. 

Judy's Magic Cast On:

Fleegle's Heel:

Fleegle provided additional information to ensure there are no holes in the heel: 

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off:

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