Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clapotis #1 and Clapotis #2

This month I finished two... count them... TWO... Clapotis (pronounced Clap-oh-tee).

If one is a Clapotis... then maybe I am more correct to say I completed two Clapoti?

If I am finding myself addicted to this pattern, as evidenced by the fact that I made two in a row, would you say I have a "Case of the Clap?"  Oh, that's bad. Forgive me! But know that I stayed up really late to complete the pink Clapotis last night.   The pink project is made from Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn in the colorway called "Sonatina". 

I said in a previous post that the Clapotis project is wildly popular on Ravelry.  I have to admit while knitting both of these projects, I did get a bit bored toward the end, but I am sure (like many others) I will come back to this pattern again some day. It's a fun knit, it's such a wearable garment (it drapes so nicely), and the pattern is pure genius and so clever; the finished result is just so nice!

The pattern is available on and on Ravelry.  The pattern link is HERE.

I like what the pattern designer, Kate Gilbert, says about this project:
French women are known for wearing scarves. Starting in September and until summer arrives, this is a most important accessory. The scarf may be striped or patterned, colorful, wrinkled and is much bigger than the scarves you probably have. Women just wrap the scarf around their neck in a "Je suis belle et ├ža ne demande aucun effort*" sort of way and off they go. Since I have lived in Paris, I have realized that these ladies are on to something. I find I am much warmer wearing a scarf, even if I'm not wearing a jacket, so here is my knit version of the French scarf. It's knit on the bias so the variegated yarn makes diagonal stripes and stitches are carefully dropped to make a pattern in the opposite direction. This creates a scarf which tends to be a little more of a parallelogram than a rectangle, but I promise, it's nice that way. It's made of the softest, most luxurious yarn I have ever used and is a dream to wear. Instructions are included at the end to modify it to create a stole. *I'm beautiful and I don't even try.


affectioknit said...

They're both awesome...which one do you like best...?

Have a lovely day!

Kim said...

Oh, I can't decide. I think the larger blue green Clapotis drapes nicely but it's so big I think it would get in the way if you are trying to work (I am alwasy so busy in the kitchen... this would really get in the way!) I think it will be a perfect gift for my mother-in-law. She loves larger scale "chunky" jewelry and she's very fashionable and dresses up a lot, so I am hoping she will love this! I think it's rather dramatic looking. The pink one is for me. I kind of wish it was a little bit longer but I think it will be a fun splash of color to wear this Spring... will even dress up a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt!