Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Entrelac Cowl

Tah DAH!  A completed project. 

I intended to use both skeins of my Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn for a long entrelac scarf.  I used the pattern which can be found HERE.  But it came as no surprise to me that I grew tired of knitting this.

Entrelac, I think you may agree, is a very cool knitted effect and Noro Yarns tend to scream, "Entrelac... I want to be ENTRELAC!"

But entrelac is a slow and sort of tedious process.  You create small squares and triangles, one at a time. This consists of you knitting from 1 to 8 stitches in a row, turning the work each and every time you complete a short little row.  Some of the gals at my local knit shop actually learned to knit backwards just to avoid turning the work repeatedly but I am not quite that clever.  I am, however, clever enough to realize that this project was doomed to be tossed aside as a project in which I lost interest. 

I picked this project up just the other day after ignoring it for a few weeks. As I was working on my scarf, I realized I was approaching a change in color to "cobalt blue" which was the same color in the cast on row.  I decided to complete the final row and I stitched the two cobalt blue ends together.  Tah DAH... an entrelac cowl!  The two ends actually matched up pretty well; I just wear the seam at the back of my neck. 

I wore this to work today and it kind of perked me up to wear something special like this. I got some nice comments from my friends... "Did you make that!? It's so pretty... I like it."  I like that I can rotate the scarf just a little to the right or to the left and different colors appear. I imagine it will go with a lot of outfits.  I think I might have enough yarn remaining to make two more cowls just like this.  Yes, entrelac is fun... but in limited doses.  The finished result is worth the effort. 

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