Monday, March 12, 2012

Cotton Candy Socks are Complete!

Just as soon as I finished these socks last night, I went rummaging through my stash to find more sock yarn to start a new pair of socks. Completing a pair of socks tends to have that effect on me!  "Clever girl," I think to myself... "that was so fun... now make another pair!"

The next pair of socks are being knit up in a pattern called "Cable My Big Toes" from the "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonder" book and the yarn colorway is called "Exotic Easter"... so very appropriate for this time of year.  I will share my progress some day soon I imagine but are just a few photos of the socks I finished last night.  I like them very much because... after all... PINK SOCKS ROCK!

Yarn:  Lion Brand Sock Ease (finished with Aloe Vera)
Colorway: Cotton Candy (you've got to love that name!)
Pattern:  Silky Soft Socks (
Pattern link on Ravelry: Click HERE.

Can you believe I took this photo of my feet by myself?  That's a pretty good trick, huh?

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affectioknit said...

So cute...and I love the foot photo too!...

Have a lovely day!