Monday, April 24, 2017

Building in Color: Panel #3 Complete

Building in Color: Panel #3
Short Rows

I have completed Panel #3 of my Building in Color afghan project.  The new skill in this panel is "short rows".  In this panel, we were also given guidance as to how to carry two colors of yarn up the side of your work in a tidy way so that you don't have long strands of yarn along the edge.

The designer of the "Building in Color" afghan is Michelle Hunter.  Her video tutorials are really great. If you are ever struggling with a knitting technique, you might want go to Michelle's blog to see if you might find a video that will give you some guidance.  Here is a link to her video tutorials:

Video Tips:

I have a number of other completed projects to share. I just need to take some nice photos to share.

Happy Knitting!

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