Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nubby Cowl

Believe it or not... I've had this project done for an entire year and realized I never posted it.  I bought this yarn at the Interweave Yarnfest in Loveland, Colorado, in April 2016. I knit this up project up right away. 

Here is a little more information about this project... long overdue!


Lovely wool, eh?  

A special treat from Yarn Fest. I could not resist diving into my new yarn. This yarn is from Greenwood Fiberworks; the lady in this booth was terrific. I noticed Greenwood Fiberworks is from Utah. The yarn is called Wooly Mammoth and the colorway is "Earthen Hues". 

I saw the photo below on Facebook; the photo reminds me of some of the terrain I've seen in Utah and it reminds me of the colors in the yarn. Just beautiful!

Belinda and I both purchased this yarn; we received a pattern called "Möbius Cowl"
along with the yarn. It's a very simple pattern. 

Cast on 77 stitches on US Size 15 needles. You know how patterns say "join in the round being careful not to twist the stitches"?  Well, to make the möbius flip, you twist the stitches one full twist on purpose and then knit in seed stitch until you almost run out of yarn. You don't need to mark the end/beginning of the round since there is no beginning and no end.  When you are nearly out of yarn, bind off. Easy Peasy. 

Here is a link on Etsy where you can see more Greenwood Fiberworks yarn:

Here are a few photos of the completed cowl.  I love this project and it was definitely quick and easy!

I have a number of other projects I've finished recently and will be posting about them all very soon!

Happy Knitting!

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