Friday, April 28, 2017

Market Flowers Hitchhiker (Hitchhiker #2)


This is the second time I've made a Hitchhiker.  This is a great pattern by Martina Behm.  For this Hitchhiker, I used yarn I purchased at a yarn shop near Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.  The yarn is hand dyed and the color inspiration was the beautiful fresh flowers you find at the market. 

My friend, Marilyn, also bought a ball of this yarn. She did not use all of her yarn in her project so she gave the remained of her yarn.  What we found interesting is that her ball of yarn was brighter and the dominate color was yellow.  My yarn was a bit more muted and I would say the dominate color is purple.  You can see the color variation in the photos. I started the Hitchhiker with Marilyn's yarn and, when that ran out, I added my ball of yarn. This definitely makes my Hitchhiker one of a kind.

Many of Martina Behm's patterns call for 150 gram skeins of sock weight yarn.  Specifically, she uses a German yarn called Wollmeise.  It was nice to add Marilyn's yarn to my project so my Hitchhiker is a generous size. I sure love wearing this garment!  It's surprising how much warmth just a little wrap adds when you wear it about your neck and shoulder.

On Ravelry, there are nearly 27,000 Hitchhiker projects.  It is not a free pattern, but it's a very popular pattern.  It's also very fun to knit.  Here are a few more photos for you to see.

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