Sunday, December 11, 2016

Norah's Vintage Afghan: Block #6

Block #6

Hello!  Here's another post to update you on my progress on Norah's Vintage Afghan.  This is my first block made in black; the color is actually called "Cast Iron" (Yarn: Berroco Vintage Worsted Weight).  I was rather nervous to knit with the black. I was concerned the pattern details would not show up and I was concerned it might be difficult to knit with such a dark color.  These old eyes struggle!  It was hard to photograph the completed black square but I did not finding knitting with the black yarn to be too terribly difficult. I also feel the details show up just fine.  This square was very challenging at the beginning. I actually had to enlarge the chart so I could read it (again...these old eyes).  The first several rows (1 through 11 on the chart) were challenging because there was so much going on.  You can see that portion below at the bottom of the photo.  It's a triangular portion with a lot of texture.  After that, the rest of the block was much simpler.  So if you start this block and find the first part of the chart to be a real struggle... don't give up... it gets way easier after row 11.  You will only complete rows 1 through 11 of the chart one time. Phew!

Sorry these photos are not the greatest.  My iPhone camera has a mind of it's own when photographing certain colors in certain light.

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