Saturday, December 17, 2016

Norah's Vintage Afghan: Block #8

Norah's Vintage Afghan: Block #8

What a fun and pretty block this is.  I only struggled with one thing in this block and that resulted in me making a few mistakes along the way. The cables in this block are worked over six stitches.  Sometimes you work the cable over the first four stitches and sometimes you work the cable over the last four stitches.  The chart will show that better. See below...

I did NOT notice this when I first started the block so I made mistakes on the very first row with cables.  I got adventurous and laddered down to the mistakes and fixed them a few times without ripping out rows and rows of knitting. That made me happy!

My Etsy shop has kept me busy making pillows for the past several weeks so knitting on this block was my treat when I would finally sit down and put up my feet for a spell.  I put my Etsy shop on "vacation mode" last night so I can catch my breath and enjoy this week.  I still need to put up my Christmas tree!  I am looking forward to knitting and some other projects.  I am feeling the desire to bake some cookies, too.


Anonymous said...

Kim your blocks look fantastic. I have started block 2 but put it up for other sewing and Christmas related items. I need a 'vacation mode' too. I'm glad you are posting the blocks and thankful for your advice on the afghan and hope to get going on them after the holidays! Thanks so much Sheila

Kim said...

Hi Sheila: Thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoy the Norah's Vintage Afghan project as much as I am. I am glad you are following along here. Happy Holidays!