Saturday, December 26, 2015

Oven Mitt (sewing)

An Oven Mitt

I tried another sewing pattern in my "One Yard Wonders" book. I used fabric from my mom's fabric stash again. Thanks Mom!  I started making this project on my Pfaff. I've determined that my Pfaff really needs a cleaning and servicing so I pulled out my back up machine (my Babylock machine called "Molly") and it worked like a dream. 

I bought the Babylock machine last year when I was afraid I had broken my Pfaff right at the beginning of my Etsy Christmas rush.  Turns out my Pfaff was fine so I've not used the Babylock that much.

I pulled out the Babylock manual yesterday and kicked myself for not exploring it sooner. It's very user friendly. There is a page for each stitch and it specifies what foot you should use, what stitch length, what stitch width you should use, etc. Excellent!  I was especially excited to discover a special foot for a stitch which makes a really nice overlock stitch on raw edges, much like a  serger. 

In the manual, I found that I have a quilting guide. See how there is a metal guide to the right of the foot so I can make evenly spaced lines of quilting? It was perfect for quilting the oven mitt. 

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