Friday, July 18, 2014

Yarn Bombing and other things in Fort Collins, Colorado


We spent the 4th of July weekend in Fort Collins, Colorado. It's about a four drive north from where we live. We were walking around a bit one evening near the historic downtown district and stumbled across some yarn bombing.  I never investigated the significance of the "150" or the wagon wheel, but I realized the stripes woven in the fence were not just stripes...

They were music...
And then I noticed this pretty little back alley with gorgeous hanging flower baskets, so of course I had to snap a photo of that as well...

On Saturday, Zach played in a tennis match.  It was hot! 
Damn hot!
After the tennis matches and a really nice lunch out, we decided to drive into the mountains for some cooler temperatures.  The town of Estes Park was our destination.  We drove along a road that follows the Big Thompson River.  We could see where the flooding occurred last summer.  It was really dramatic to see the high water marks and some homes which were destroyed from the flooding. Sad.
After we walked around the cute tourist town of Estes Park, we stopped an played some mini-golf on the east edge of town.  You couldn't ask for a more scenic location for a mini-golf course. The place was just gorgeous!
Do you like Zach's putting technique?
There were flowers all over the place at the golf courses.  I enjoyed looking around at the scenery even more than playing I enjoyed playing mini-golf.
There was a nice waterfall near the 18th hole.
Ever awesome min-golf place seems to also have Skee-ball!

On Sunday, in Fort Collins, we rented bicycles and rode around town.  Fort Collins is an extremely bike friendly town and there are miles of bike paths.  We drove home Sunday afternoon and the holiday traffic was not too terribly bad.  It was nice to visit Fort Collins and Estes Park again. 

As always... I am most happy to be home again. 

I have actually been knitting recently. I'll try to post some photo soon.  But first... some photos of our latest back yard improvements!

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