Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quilt Shop in Town

First Stitches Quilt Shop
I visited my local quilt shop a number of days ago and the shop was looking so cute and cheerful, I just had to snap this photo.  I am so grateful that, despite living in a relatively small town, there are two quilt shops with great fabric, a great yarn shop, and our WalMart actually has a very large fabric/craft section.
First Stitches Quilt Shop is in the cutest little brick house and it's right by the history train depot in town.  The train depot is still in use for a tourist train which runs along the Arkansas River and travels west from Canon City through a scenic canyon and under the Royal Gorge Bridge.
I mentioned WalMart... I am not a huge fan.  But sometimes you can get a good deal.
Pillow stuffing: 10 pounds poly-fil on $39.99 (HERE).
Exact same 10 pound box of poly-fil at WalMart: $19.97.
I'm a lucky girl!

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