Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seeing Rainbows

My Etsy shop "KimzKraftKorner" had me hopping and seeing rainbows in June.  A lady ordered nine pillows, all in rainbow fabrics.  She basically ordered all of what I had showing in my inventory for two different pillows using rainbow fabric.
Of course I was tickled, so I got it all packaged up and shipped off in a hurry.

I updated my shop to indicate I had more of these pillows available after buying more fabric, and after about a week, the same lady orders seven more rainbow pillows. Crazy, right!?  I got to cutting and sewing and stuffing and realized I did have enough fabric on hand to make one more rainbow pillow.  I made it up and threw it in for free, this lady being such a great customer and all.

About a week later, I get a message from the same lady indicating she wants to custom order 24 pillows and she wants to provide the fabric. She asked for a price quote and I provided that.  I am intrigued of course... what fabric and what is one lady doing with so many pillows?
A week passes and the lady asks for 20 pillows in the rainbow fabric (circles, not ripples).  I race to the store, hoping they have more of the fabric.  Of course they did not since I had bought everything they had during my last visit. But I knew I could get the same fabric on line from   It also occurred to me there is Joann's Store about 45 miles from me.  I called ahead with the item number and sure enough they had 11 yards of what I needed. So after a road trip and a nice lunch out with my husband, I was a sewing maniac for three days. 

There they are... all 20 pillows done!  Phew! This was the weekend before 4th of July weekend. Busy, busy!
There's a lot more that goes with this story. It was a bit stressful, there was some drama... definitely some speed bumps along the way. But all the experiences were learning opportunities for me in my little business venture. 
When the 3rd order was all wrapped up and ready to ship, the buyer finally shared with me what she was doing with so many pillows.
Would you like to know, too?
The buyer's husband goes to a dialysis clinic and she wanted all the patients and nurses there to have a pillow.
... really have a lump in my throat when I type that...


Anonymous said...

Gave me a lump also.

Anonymous said...

Kim, that is so special.... Lump in throat here too! Actually it gave me goosebumps!
And those are darn cute pillows!
Knitsonplanes aka Patti