Saturday, July 19, 2014

Backyard Improvements... a pergola.

After having two big cottonwood trees removed from our backyard, we thought it might be a good idea to have a pergola built for a little privacy and shade.  I like how it turned out but it's rather tall, and it's not providing much shade or privacy.  We are contemplating some options. For example, I am thinking of hanging some red canvas fabric in the ceiling area.  The area is nice and shady in the evening hours (it's just in the morning hours that it's really hot and sunny).  In the future, we are thinking of adding hanging flower baskets and maybe a little table and chairs. We are in no rush. We are enjoying the area. It really is like an outdoor room and, because it's so tall, it actually feels much more spacious than I expected.

I don't get to sit alone.  Puppies in lap. :)
Yep, this is my view!  Sandy on the left; Brutus on the right.

Sweet Brutus.  Such a cuddle bear.

I especially love the view looking up!
Sandy (notice Brutus in the back in the shade!)

Big Brute!  He needs his bangs cut above his eyes.

Some guys we know from work who are now retired (Bret and Bob) did a great job on our pergola!
Thanks fellas!

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