Monday, March 4, 2013

Shoes for a Knitter


I did a little shoe shopping about a week ago. I needed new black shoes for work.  I had hoped to find some shoes that might  showcase my hand knit socks.  At the store, I found some Danskos I had been eyeing on the Internet for quite some time. These clog-type shoes have what appears to be photo imagery of chunky, colorful yarn knit in stockinette stitch.  Non-knitters, I have heard, don't see "knitting"; instead, they see jellybeans. What ever the case may be, I LOVE my new shoes.  For work, I got these plain "Mary Jane" style shoes by Alegria and I love how you can see my hand knit socks when I wear these shoes.  After all that hard work knitting socks, it's a shame to cover them up with shoes.  When I wear my new shoes, I definitely have HAPPY FEET!

1 comment:

Wool Free and lovin knit said...

Jelly beans? oh no, definitely that's a photo of a knitted piece! Very cute shoes -- both of them!