Saturday, March 9, 2013

Candy Corn Socks

Candy Corn Socks

Yet another a pair of socks. I think back in October 2012, I cast on a number of pairs of socks. Slowly, I am finishing them up. For these socks, I used this great looking Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids and Quatros, which is a sock weight yarn. The shades of orange and yellow-ish orange remind me of candy corn. I used a pattern by Susan B. Anderson called "Ribbed Socks for Bigger Feet" (a grown up version of her child's sock pattern). I've used this pattern a number of times, always with good results. The ribbing is knit 3, purl 1. The result is a stretchy, nicely fitting sock. I completed 60 rounds of ribbing for the leg portion. After the heel turn and the gusset decreases, I completed another 60 rounds for the foot before starting the deceases for the toe. I keep telling myself if my feet were not so big, socks would not take me so long to knit!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty colors in these socks, Kim! I am trying to complete a number of pairs of socks as well. You are motivating me to keep going:)

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