Saturday, December 15, 2012

Striped Infinity Scarf

Striped Infinity Scarf
A pattern my Michelle Hunter

I have actually had this Striped Infinity Scarf done for a few weeks.  I was struggling with the seam so I tossed it aside for awhile, but buckled down and finished and blocked this project this weekend.  This will be a gift for my friend, Bev... we've know each other at work for 20 years.  Twenty years!  Somehow a statement like that makes me feel old.  Whatever the case may be, Bev is very fashionable and I think she will like this accessory.  Bev is one of those ladies who looks very pulled together and fabulous even on dress down days when we wear are allowed to wear jeans to work.  At work, dress down days are fund raisers for the Employee's Club.  You pay $2.00 for the privilege to dress down.  Funny, huh?  My son was patient enough to model the scarf for me.  Thanks, Buddy!

In case this pattern looks familiar, this is my 3rd scarf using this same pattern. It's a very fun knit!  This scarf is knit in Zauberball.


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affectioknit said...

It's very pretty...a friend has asked me to knit her an infinity scarf...

~Have a lovely day!