Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mini-Mitten Ornament: Free Pattern

New pattern: Mini-Mitten Ornament

I've decided making up my own knitting patterns is my NEW favorite thing.

I'll put it here so it's official... my goal for 2013 is to be creative and make up my own knitting patterns. Folks on Ravelry have been so nice each time I have uploaded a pattern. It's fun!

We had a White Christmas! My first EVER. Can you tell I took this photo on fluffy, beautiful snowflakes?

I enjoy making miniature ornaments each year for my Christmas tree. This year, I made miniature mittens following a number of patterns I found on Ravelry. The tiny size of the mittens and the length of my double pointed needles made me feel I was "all thumbs" while knitting, especially the mitten’s tiny thumbs. Ironic! I actually went so far as try to knit on wooden tooth picks and it seriously would have worked if it weren’t for the fact the tooth picks splintered easily. I learned bits and pieces from each pattern I tried and I incorporated what I’ve learned from making full-sized mittens in order to come up with my own pattern which is quick and easy to knit.

The pattern is offered for free on Ravelry and the pattern link is HERE.
You can also download a PDF file HERE.

Here are the other mitten ornaments I made this week, while trying various patterns and while trying to make up my own pattern.  As you can see, I also made two mini-stockings and one mini-sweater. The mini-sweaters sure are time consuming but I can whip out the mittens in no time at all.  It's funny using left-over tidbits of yarn for these ornaments. I think of the original project... the pattern, who received the item, or what was going on in my life while working on the project.  A little walk down memory lane.

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