Monday, December 24, 2012

Simple Scarf for Him (a free pattern)

Simple Scarf for Him

On November 29th... just before Christmas… I announced to my husband, "… you know, I was thinking of making a pair of mittens for Pam for Christmas!" (Pam being my husband’s dad’s wife). My husband said, "Well, if you are going to do that, could you knit my Dad a red scarf for Christmas?!" I couldn’t believe my husband was actually encouraging me to go to my local shop and buy yarn! How could I say "No!" to that?

At the yarn shop, I found some suitable, easy-care yarn in a nice deep red. I cast on a pattern I had in mind but soon realized I would never get the scarf done in time for Christmas; turns out the pattern was primarily ribbing and ribbing is too cumbersome and slow for me to knit. I decided to wing it and came up with this pattern. I have used this stitch pattern before in cotton dishcloths. It’s a nice pattern because you don’t really have to refer to the pattern at all; you simply have to "read" your knitting. The pattern is fun for the knitter since it’s not just plain stockinette stitch and the texture created by the diagonal columns of purl stitches could be used in a project for a guy or a gal... young or old. Why, this pattern could even be used for a baby blanket.

I got the scarf knit in time to mail to my father-in-law for Christmas.  I was thinking typing the pattern up and putting it on Ravelry might be fun, so I did. The pattern link is HERE; it's offered for free.  You can also download a PDF file by clicking HERE.

I have only put a pattern on Ravely one other time. A little over a year ago, I uploaded a pattern for a hat called Ribbons of Hope.

Both times I have put patterns on Ravely, I have had such heart warming experiences.  After adding the scarf pattern, I was contacted on Ravely by a lady who lives in Western Australia. She told me she thought it was such "good karma" to share patterns with others; she offered me two free patterns.   Apparently she collaborates on patterns with another gal on Ravely; the other woman lives in Arizona.  A short while later, a woman from Canada contacted me to let me know she was using my pattern to make a comfort item for a first responder to the shooting in Connecticut.  Very nice.

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