Monday, December 31, 2012


Calorimetry... with added crocheted flower.

I've been eyeing the pattern for "Calorimetry" on Ravelry for quite some time. There are over 15,300 projects on Raverly in this design.  There were a lot of comments about the project being over sized.  Given that I have a peanut sized head, I reduced the number of stitches from 120 to 100 and ended up with a very loose headband, but I am still over the moon about my cute completed project.  As you can see, I added a crocheted flower which I found in a pattern for another headband.  The flower pattern can be found HERE. I'd also like to try this headband pattern.   

The Calorimetry pattern can be found on Ravelry and on Knitty.  The links are HERE and HERE.

Bad picture of me taken by me... you know the technique... extend arm... smile...snap photo of self!

I used Cascade 220 Superwash for this project.  I bought enough for a sweater but I was not getting the sweater done so there will be several lavender projects in my future.

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Love it!...cute picture too!

Happy New Year!

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