Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sashay Scarves

Red Heart Brand Yarns has a line of yarns called "Sashay".  All the colorways are named after dances... Boogie, Jive, Conga, Disco.... This colorway featuring black, white, and gray, has little threads of silver and is called "Hip Hop".  Ordinarily I would not probably pick this project for me but a mom I know was telling me she likes black, white and gray and she likes a little bling and she likes ruffles. She always dresses in a stylish and fashionable way.  I had seen her visiting my local yarn shop not because she is a knitter or crocheter but because she likes to buy finished objects she finds there, namely scarves.  When I saw the "Hip Hop" yarn, I was hoping she'd like it.  I finished up these two scarves over two days. They did not take much time at all. 

This yarn at my local yarn shop is ridiculously popular; it literally flies off the shelves.  I have seen both crochet and knit versions and I prefer the LESS ruffly crochet version.  I was amazed to see I could make two scarves out of one ball of yarn... for less than $6.00.  A GREAT last minute gift idea.

My friend says she loves her scarf. She said she wore it out to dinner with her husband the night I gave it to her and she said even her husband thought the scarf was very nice.
Me wearing both scarves... you can see how long they are... which gives the wearer lots of versatility.

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