Friday, August 31, 2012


Reciprocation (a free fingerless mitt pattern by Michelle Hunter)

I awoke to a BLUE MOON today... August 31, 2012.
The view out my front door.
Once in a blue moon... I finish a knitting project. 

Seriously... I woke up to a Blue Moon this morning.

I finished up these mitts called "Reciprocation" recently and am just getting around to taking some photos.  I snapped photos of the mitts and photos of the Blue Moon out my front door. It was so bright when I first got out of bed. I plan to give these mitts away to a friend.  I was thinking of giving them to my coworker, Mrs. W, for Christmas... but I know a gal who just lost her mom... I think Mrs. A could use some comfy mitts. She is a elementary school teacher and I know she has playground duty sometimes on chilly mornings.  Fingerless mitts would be a good gift for a school teacher.

This pattern is by Michelle Hunter and you can find many great patterns (some for free and some to purchase) on her website called  Reciprocation is a free pattern (the link is HERE). It's a pretty quick and very fun pattern. You get the cable effect in the "Double Mock Cable Rib" by twisting stitches... no cable needle required.  Love that!  If twisted stitches sound foreign or indimidating... no worries.  Michelle Hunter has great instructional videos on her website.   I like that the mitts are mirror images one one another.  The cables go farther up to nearly the top of the mitt over the index fingers but the cables only go up so far over the pinky fingers.  A nice effect.

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affectioknit said...

Your knitting projects are definitely not once in a blue moon...and they're very pretty!

~Have a lovely day!