Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holden... A Shawl

Holden is a shawl pattern I've admired for awhile. I got this yarn from Knit Picks with a gift certificate from my Mom for Christmas. Thanks, Mom!!!

This is Knit Picks Stroll in a colorway called "Lullaby". The yarn is "tonal"... shades of blue but there is purple in there too. It's very nice yarn... so soft. I enjoyed knitting with it.  Holden is a free pattern; I found it on Ravelry.  In the pattern photos, the designer shows the shawl being worn in this fashion like a neckerchief.  I think I might be able to pull off this look.  I don't intend to wear this shawl with this shirt but it does allow you to see the eyelet well, doesn't it? 

Snapped a photo of myself in the mirror. I am loving the gray streak in my hair at the temple.  :) 
My "free" highlights!  Ha, ha!


affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

K2 said...

Beautifully done! And Happy Birthday ( a little early) !!!!!!

coloradomom said...

Wow - this turned out really nicely! Well done!!