Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dr. Seuss Mitts

For some reason, when I was finishing these mitts, the colors and random pattern reminded me of a colorful Dr. Seuss book...
so I am calling these my "Dr. Seuss Mitts".

A few weeks back, I went to my local yarn shop, Grandma's Beads and Yarn. I've not been able to go much this summer but, now that school is back in session, I am able to go hang out with the girls on Thursdays.  It's always a treat to see my friends.  While I am at the shop, I keep telling myself... I don't need yarn, I don't need MORE yarn... but I put my knitting down on the table at the shop and walk around and look at all the pretty, yummy yarn.  I found this intriguing, solitary ball of yarn called Knitcol (from Italy).  I think it's a merino wool sport or DK weight yarn.  The color combination was unusual and the yarn spoke to me... buy me... make mitts.
So I did. 
I squeeked out a very matchy-matchy pair of fingerless mitts.  I had to piece things together a bit at the end to make things match.  I wish I could have ended the mitts with a dark color and the mitts do stretch out a bit when I wear them.  Whatever the case may be, I liked finding inspiration in a colorful, solitary ball of yarn.  

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