Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I made these socks over the past few weeks.  I used "Tofutsies" yarn which is made out of soy silk, merino wool, and chitin (made from lobster and crab shells).   Pretty wild, huh?

I did not realize it until I was knitting these socks that the colors in the yarn are my high school colors. Doh!  My friend "K2" likes to point that out and tease me about that.

"Seriously Kim?  Our high school colors? What were you thinking!?"  We went to Aloha High School in Beaverton, Oregon.  Go Warriors!  Blue-Gold-Green!  Oh, and just so you know "Aloha" is pronounced "uh-lowwa"... not "uh-low-HA".  It's important. Trust me.

My first short row heels. I followed the instructions for the short row heel in the book called "Socks a la Carte".  The book exclusively uses Tofutsies yarn in the patterns.  I can see why; the yarn is so nice and comes in a variety of nice colors.

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