Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is coming....

Every year, when I decorate my six foot tall Christmas tree, I think to myself... someday I would like to decorate my tree  with homemade ornaments only. 

That will take a lot of work. 

This year, I have a small table top tree with some ornaments I've been working on and I wanted to share.

This little sock is my favorite.  I am using up leftover bits of sock yarn. 
This is from mittens made earlier in the year.

This is my favorite sweater.  It was from a little sample of yarn from the Sock Summit
(sock yarn from Hazel Knit's booth). 
The sweater was knit from the top down and the yarn was a dream with which to knit.

The sock on the left is more yarn from Hazel Knits
and the sock on the right is Crazy Zauberball yarn
(leftover from socks I made for my dad).

A little cardigan (needs buttons!)

A pullover...

And another pullover. 
I am sure a few more ornaments will find there way on my tree between now and Christmas.  I like how making each ornament reminds me of the projects I made with the yarn originally.  Little memories... little keepsakes.


Jennie said...

Love them!

Lee said...

How sweet! Happy Holidays!