Monday, November 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Hats

Despite coming down with Startitis recently, I was able to finish up two caps on Sunday and here they are!  I don't know the actual name of this hat pattern.  I saw this hat pattern in a friend's magazine (the 2011 Holiday Edition of "Love of Knitting") and I quickly jotted the instructions down on a scrap of paper (I feel a bit guilty doing that... I should go out and buy the magazine!!!)  The gals at knit shop were Oooohhh and Aaahhhhing over ALL of the projects in the magazine, but I liked this one best.  In the magazine photo, the model had long hair and she actually had her hair spouting out of the top of the hat.  The hat is basically a tube of k3,p2 ribbing (for about 8 1/2 inches) and then there are some decreases (for the crown), followed by a row of eyelet (where you weave in some ribbon, I-cord, or, as in my project, some braided yarn).  After the eyelet, there are some increase rows and then of course you bind off. 

I made my version of the cap in Bernat Mosaic yarn in a colorway called Calypso.  The yarn is acrylic but very, very soft.  I was considering making this for myself, but decided to donate it as a chemo cap (since I recently started making chemo caps for teens and younger children).  A very cheerful cap indeed and I can picture a young lady liking the style and the vibrant colors.

I also finished up an Odessa hat (I've made this hat so many times, I've lost track... it's a great pattern). This time, I left off the beads.  The yarn is Berroco Comfort DK in my favorite colorway Rosebud.  I love how the decreases make a nice swirly design at the top of the cap.


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Love, love, love that colorful cap -- perhaps since you are gifting it to charity you can feel a little less guilty about borrowing the pattern!

Ally Johnston said...

Love both of the hats, but my fave is the pink. There is nothing wrong with the odd bit of startitis, it happens to us all.