Sunday, November 13, 2011


It was just a matter of time I suppose before I came down with the all-too-common affliction:  Startitis.  Of course “-itis” is a Greek or Latin medical terminology suffix which means “inflammation or infection”… as in tonsillitis or bronchitis.  Perhaps you are less familiar with “Startitis”; however, my research on the subject reveals it a terribly common disease among crafty folks and it is highly contagious.  The symptoms include the uncontrollable urge to accumulate new yarn, new patterns, and “start” or cast-on new projects when you already have gobs and gobs of projects on the needles. 
I am 100 percent certain I contracted my recent case of Startitis at my local yarn shop.  Lately, each time I visit Grandma’s Beads and Yarn (in Canon City, Colorado), a group of knitters are gathered at the table in the center of the shop.  I may have contracted my case of Startis from one of these folks, but I have read conflicting research which speculates Startitis can also be contracted from handling yarn on the shelves at yarn shops.   A few weeks back, I think I was coming down with a case of Startitis, but I was successful in fighting it off when I took the time to organize the space where I keep my current works in progress (the space next to my chair where I knit in my living room).  I was determined to keep just a few projects there, but it’s all gone to hell in a hand basket (that’s an odd expression, isn’t it?) and I am currently working on the following projects:
·         A pony tail hat in Bernat Mosaic.
·         An Odessa Hat in Berroco Comfort  DK.
·         A Sockhead hat in Knit Picks Felici.
·         A Hemlock Ring Throw in Cascade Ecological Wool.
·         A drop stitch scarf in Berroco Metallic Sox.
·         A pair of baby pants in Lion Brand Sock-Ease.
·         A pair of socks for my son in Bernat Jacquards.
·         A pair of breasts (yes, you read that right…. more on this in another post).
Of course, there are more works in progress which are sort of hibernating in my closet out of view… a baby sweater, a small blanket, a crochet purse/bag which will be felted… someday.
So there you have it, a full blown case of Startitis.  I would say six of the projects listed above have been cast-on in the past 10 to 14 days.   I think I need to contact the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to alert them as to my condition, as I seem to have been afflicted with a highly virulent case.  Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may wish to investigate the possibility of putting warning labels on yarn to caution folks about the highly addictive quality of the product they are about  to consume.   
Hopefully I will recuperate from my condition soon so that I can finally COMPLETE something… ANYTHING… and I can share it with you here.   But in the meantime, be careful out there folks!


Anonymous said...


I love your post because I can TOTALLY relate!!! It made me laugh!


K2 said...

My sympathies and empathies as I live with the same issues ( not a problem- just a challenge) and look forward to conquering it somtime in the distant future! ;)
I also inherited an unfinished tatting from an great aunt and a quilt top from another!!! Do those count?
Love ya!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

I think it's even worse just before the holidays, don't you?