Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chemo Cap #50

I started making chemo caps in August 2010.  I did so at the urging of a friend, Kerri, who suggested we could make chemo caps as a sort of "Knit Along (KAL)" for an organization such as "Head Huggers".  At that time, I knew no one who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.   Sadly and suddenly, people I knew were diagnosed with breast cancer... the owner of my former local yarn shop, two gals at work, and a family member who is near and dear to me.  When folks you know are going through a tough time, sometimes if feels like there is nothing you can do to help, but when you are a knitter and you learn a lady may be going through chemotherapy and may lose her hair... well, you grab yarn and needles and you get busy making caps. 

I was excited to realize this week that I was very close to cap #50.  I've actually made a lot more than 50 caps since August 2010 (crazy, huh?!), but 50 have been made specifically as chemo caps.  The cap pictured above and the cap I posted earlier this week called "A Winter Solstice Hat" are specifically made for children undergoing chemotherapy.  Most of my caps have been adult sized, but lately I've been experimenting with new patterns and I had some caps which turned out much smaller than I had hoped.  I was frustrated and discouraged by this, but just the other day an e-mail arrived in my "in-box" and I learned about a group called "Kaps for Kendall"... SERENDIPITY... they need caps for children undergoing chemo therapy.  That's just how things work for me in my knitting world... I make what I want and then, as if almost by magic, a recipient reveals itself.  Small caps... great for children.

Of course, the thought of a child being diagnosed with a disease such as cancer makes me sad, but making these caps specifically for children this week has been very fun.  I can picture a girl maybe 10 or 12 years old seeing his cap and finding it special.  I tried so hard to make it one-of-kind, funky, cheerful, cool, and colorful.  When I was making this cap, I thought of the really fancy fondant decorated cakes you see on programs on the Food Network.  Wild, fun, wonky layered birthday cakes. 

I learned so much making the cap called "A Winter Solstice Hat"... my first real effort at stranded color work.  I used what I learned from that pattern and just went crazy from there, adding bobbles, and bold stripes.  I was also inspired by some of the caps I've seen by Susan B. Anderson... she makes great stuff for kids.  Everything she makes is adorable!

So I share with you today... Chemo Cap #50!  Yay, I just did a little cartwheel in my heart!


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

very cool!!

Lee said...

Congratulations on #50!! What an accomplishment! You have given me so many ideas for future projects. Amazing progress!

Lee (mamagiff on rav)