Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vacation Knitting... dishcloths.




Phew, I am catching my breath after vacation and after a week at work (I work Sunday through Thursday right now).   Here's what I made on vacation... four dishcloths.  The photos are completely out of order so I labeled them.  I knit dishcloth #1 en route to Carlsbad, New Mexico.  We passed through Roswell, New Mexico.  Nope, did not see any UFO's or Aliens from Outer Space while in the Roswell area, but we found a Church's Fried Chicken Restaurant and my husband was pretty happy about that.  We stopped there for lunch.  Dishcloth #1 was inspired by the "Hurricane Hat" pattern I've been making lately.  We explored the Carlsbad Caverns. Have you ever been?  They are amazing and worth the trip, but they are kind of the middle of no where.

After our cave adventures, dishcloth #2 was made en route to see my father-in-law in Tuscon, Arizona.  The pattern was inspired by a hat pattern I printed off called "Boardwalk Hat".  I repeated the lace chart two times to come up with this width.  It's a fun pattern; I need to make this hat!  I left dishcloth #1 and dishcloth #2 at my in-law's place for gifts.  In Tucson, we ate at lots of great restaurants including Bubb's Grubb for good BBQ and Claim Jumper (known for ridiculously large portions... I had a salad... good girl!)

Dishcloth #3 and #4 where made on the trip home.
Dishcloths are perfect car knitting and I enjoyed making the patterns as I went along.

In-law's dog, Ginger. She's quite a princess!  She keeps her front paws nicely groomed.  She looks so pretty in the early morning light.  Good girl, Ginger!  Ginger and I went for a walk one evening when the sun was setting and I loved looking at every one's front yards... filled with different kinds of cacti, mesquite trees, and other things that only grow in the arid desert climate. 

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Anonymous said...

The dishcloth colors are so pretty and I love the designs.

Ginger dog is cute. I doggie sit my neighbors' dog also named Ginger.
She is so cute and overflowing with personality.