Monday, March 7, 2011

Moab Ripple Hat (Chemo Hat #3)

I think this photo shows the colors best.

Colors don't look so accurate in this photo, but I wanted you to see how the cap's top came together.

Pattern: Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat by Bonnie Brann

Click HERE for pattern link.  On my Ravelry page, I made notes about how to knit the hat in the round (instead of flat as the pattern directs).

Yarn:  Berroco Comfort (worsted weight)

I took several photos to try to let you see how great the colors are in this yarn. I love it. The colors are so pretty in person and remind me of colors in the desert southwest... such as Moab, Utah.

See what I mean about Moab, Utah...

Photos from Spring Break 2010... blue sky, red and orange earth, sage green foliage...

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