Monday, March 14, 2011

Ocean Blues... Blue Jeans (2011 Chemo Cap #6 and #7)

Two more chemo caps completed.  The patterns are the same... Eyelet Ripple and Hurricane but this time I am using Berroco Comfort (worsted weight) in a color they call "Security Blanket".  When I've been knitting with the Berroco yarn I've been using lately, I get lost in the colors... day dreaming of what the colors resemble.  The last few hats were made in a color called "Pot-au-Feu". I had to Google it to learn is translates to "Pot of Fire" in French.  I guess I can see that; the colors reminded me of the desert southwest... in particular Moab, Utah.  When I read more, I learned that Pot-au-Feu was also a name for a traditional French beef stew with veggies that you cooked in a pot over an open fire.  That just made me chuckle. I'll stick with the Moab, Utah vision.

The colors in these latest hats... they remind me of the Oregon Coast. Soft shades of blue, sea foam green, and an amazing shade of purple. When I found the yarn on the shelves at the knit shop, I was drawn to the color because I thought folks would like it since it would go nicely with blue jeans.   Maybe it's because I am sending my caps to a treatment center in Oregon that I have the Oregon Coast on my mind.  Whatever the case may be, I am enjoying this yarn and these caps.  I think I prefer the Hurricane Hat over the Eyelet Ripple pattern.

Oops! Blogger says I've exceeded my free photo space. I'll add photos later today hopefully... I'll keep you waiting in suspense! 

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