Monday, May 17, 2010

Mitered Square

Awhile back my mom made the coolest baby blanket with mitered squares. Since that time, mitered squares have really been catching my eye. In my new book, I found a pattern for a mitered square scarf. I have lots of left over bits of yarn from my GAA, so I thought this pattern might be a good use for the yarn. The pattern calls for a few colors of variegated yarn; I just had the solid color yarn so I made a striped version. Wow, mitered squares are really fun. What I need to figure out is how how to carry the different yarns up the side without having then edge of the square look sloppy. My square above looks pretty good on the front side, but the backside... not so much. I don't plan to make a scarf with this yarn at this time but I had fun with this one little square, which is now a nice coaster for a hot or cold beverage. What I love about learning a new technique such as this, is how it gets the gears in my brain turning... how you can link these squares together (so I don't have to sew them all together), what could I make with mitered squares (a hand bag? a table runner?), what sorts of yarns would really show off the design (Noro yarn where the colors subtly change!). I did a Google search for "knitting mitered squares" and really got inspired... so many great ideas!

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affectioknit said...

Those look like a lot of fun!