Saturday, May 8, 2010

GAAA - Jay Campbell's block is complete!

I finished my first official block from the Great American Aran Afghan book for my GAAA. I enjoyed this block but it was quite a lot of work. It was easier and easier to memorize this pattern as I went and I exclusively used the great chart, as opposed to using the written out instructions. I am finding I enjoy the charts more and more... it's getting easier to read them. I made a few boo-boos along the way but was able to correct them with some duplicate stitch! There were two instances where I accidentally did the wrong cable stitch. This pattern has quite a few different cable stitches as you can tell. I fixed one boo-boo so well I have a hard time finding it! Such a relief. I discovered the error several rows late and I just did not have the heart to go back and fix it... so as I kept getting father and farther toward the center (the end) of the block, my eye kept gravitating toward the mistake! Dang it! But... like I said... I can hardly find the mistake now. Here's a photo of the boo-boo... my finger is pointing to the messed up cable...
disguised pretty well, don't ya think?! Wishing I would have taken a "before shot" of the boo-boo!

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