Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maryellen's Yarn

My mother-in-law, Maryellen, is coming for a visit next week. She is one of those folks who has a her own "color palate"; she surrounds herself with beautiful, colorful things... and after knowing her for nearly 20 years, I see things and think... "Oh, Maryellen would LOVE this!" That was the case with this Mini Mochi yarn I found today at my Thursday Knitting Group at Anne's Knit Shop! Jewel tones... red, purple, burnt orange, fading into unexpected pale aqua blue... totally Maryellen! I plan to make this for Maryellen. I've spent hours knitting it tonight and my progress only amounts to about seven inches in length. It's really a good easy lace pattern but it's easy to miss a yarn over and that can really mess things up! I hope I can memorize this pattern eventually, but so far I am really having to watch the instructions line by line. This yarn is gorgeous and is machine washable. The lady at the yarn store said the Mochi and Mini Mochi yarn is just flying off the shelves... not difficult to see why; the colors are gorgeous! This is my first attempt at a lace project. The only part of the instructions which confused me was a reference to "slipping two stitches as if to knit"... am I to slip them together or separately? I decided to slip the two stitches together. I think it's working just fine.

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