Monday, May 17, 2010

GAAA project abandoned... for now

I've set aside my Great American Aran Afghan (GAAA) project... for now. I knit up a total of three squares and, from the moment I cast on the first square, I started to have regrets about my yarn choice. I picked the yarn I did (Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight yarn... acrylic/wool blend) because I loved the color. (I believe the GAAA pattern book recommends this yarn as well). I was searching for a yarn color which resembled oatmeal and this yarn fit the bill. At first I thought I was having a hard time adjusting to using straight needles (instead of circular) but as I kept knitting, I kept thinking to myself that I'd never finish the project if I was not happy with how the yarn knit up. I missed my Cascade 220 Superwash yarn. I have used the Encore Worsted Weight yarn in the past and will use it again in the future for sure (it's so soft and the color selection at my local shop is great!), but I think for the Aran designs with all the cables and bobbles, the Cascade yarn has a cleaner, crisper look. Above you will see my almost complete square... need to make some I-cord rays for the sun! I plan to use the two fancy GAAA squares I did complete for a pillow. (The third square I made was just a plain stockinette background for some trees... I did not take a photo... you are not missing much!)

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