Saturday, February 13, 2010

Squiggles block is complete!

I guess I'll call this block "Squiggles". I posted about this block several weeks ago and finally had the courage to work on it and finish it. I am forever vexed by good knitting only to be screwed up by poor sewing! I struggled to get all the I-cords on this block sewn down nicely. All said and done... I am pleased with the look of this block.

Here is an earlier photo of this block in progress so you can see what I mean about the I-cords. This block is not from the Great American Afghan book... it is from the Great North American Afghan. I made the I-cords a bit longer than the pattern called for. Since I was struggling with the sewing, I made the coils like the snail on the Under the Sea Block. I found them easier to sew this way, I think they look more tidy, and I like the way it looks.

I am on a mission now to finish up some blocks. I had so many projects/blocks in progress, I was starting to feel very overwhelmed! My goals for the week include sewing the trees down on the Three Trees block, finishing the Under the Sea block, and adding a border to the Diagional block. In fact... I just finished the border on the Diagional block, so I'll post about that right now...

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