Thursday, February 4, 2010

Socks done!

Finished a pair of socks today. At knitting group, I worked on learning a proper Kitchner stitch to close the toes. First sock toe turned out so-so; second toe looked great! I just finished a third sock just now and decided to watch Susan B. Anderson's video on how to complete the Kitchner stitch (you can easily find it on Her video is great and she has some simple words she sort of says aloud and it makes it easier to sort of memorize the process.

I am pretty happy with the close up shot here. That's the heel in case you couldn't tell.

And a close up of my Kitchner stitch. See how it makes a flat toe? (That should be comfy! Nobody wants lumpy, bumpy socks!) In this photo, the toe is actually facing toward the left (toward my fingers in the photo... if that makes sense).

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