Friday, February 5, 2010

More baking

The Pillsbury Doughboy and I did some baking this afternoon (aren't these pajama pants cute? Yes, I was already in my jammies by 1:00 pm today! The pants read, "This is how I roll!"). We made our favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cooking Light Magazine. They contain some whole wheat pastry flour, some all purpose flour, vegetable oil, egg whites, corn syrup, brown and granulated sugar, baking soda, chocolate chips, and vanilla. They are awesome!. In this picture, you'll see cookies in the foreground and then an empty sheet of aluminum foil in the background. You see, my family eats these cookies faster than I can bake them. As I realized this, it suddenly occurred to me why I enjoy knitting so much. With baking, you blink an eye and you have nothing to show for it. With knitting, the finished product sticks around awhile longer. At least until you give your knitted things away. Today, the purple/blue socks found a good home!

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