Monday, February 8, 2010


In my knitting career, I've completed seven socks! Funny, huh!? Number 7 is pictured above. It's great hand dyed yarn and the top has a lace pattern to it. I did not care for the way the heel turned out, the top lacey portion is too baggy and some of my decrease stitches in the foot and toe don't make me happy. The sock does have a killer Kitchner Stitch toe however... I am proud of that part. I am also uncertain if I have enough of this yarn to make a second idential sock. That being said, I dug out some fresh yarn and started to make a purple pair of socks.

I happen to have two pairs of dpns in this size (I think they are size 2) so I decided to make two socks at once. I am "going rogue" with these socks (ha, ha!) and am going to come up with my own design as I go and hopefully I will resolve some of this issues which have caused me to be dissatisfied with previous socks. So far the top portion is k2,p2 rib and I plan to make this rather long so I can fold the top portion over (like bobbie socks). I plan to use the heel from the sock pattern I like so much (I found this pattern for Self Striping Socks at In my brain, I am planning how I can add some cable stitches to the instep and top foot portion. I'll keep you posted about my progress! I kind of feel as if my GAA project has taken back seat to some other projects I have going on. The GAA was feeling more like a chore and it occurred to me that a hobby or crafts should never feel like a chore! Hobbies should make your heart sing a happy tune... so right socks are making me happy!

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