Saturday, July 29, 2017

Getting Crafty with My Sister!

Happy Colors Baby Afghan

I went and visited my sister last week. We had a great visit and we got crafty... very crafty. She has been interested in crochet for awhile now.  We went to Michael's craft store and we found this free pattern on a bin with yarn.  The yarn is "Ice Cream Big Scoop" by Lion Brand and the pattern is called "Happy Colors Baby Afghan".  This yarn comes in a big skein; this is DK weight yarn and the skein contains just over 1,100 yard of yarn.  So for this project you just start in the center and just keep crocheting until you run out of yarn. It's a great beginner project.  I learned the basics of crocheting from my mom when I was still living at home and I've learned more over the years from trying to figure out various patterns. I feel as if I lack confidence teaching others to crochet or how to work through a pattern since I am not the most experienced crocheter, but I got my sister started on the project.  She was pretty addicted to working on this project by the time I left for home.  My sister selected the Ice Cream Big Scoop yarn in the "Lemon Meringue" color way.  My color way is "Cookies and Cream".  I love the names of those yarns. Kind of makes me hungry for dessert.

While visiting my sister, we also took a quilt class at a JoAnn's Store. What a fun time we had. My blocks are the top two; my sister's blocks are the bottom two.  You can definitely spot a difference in the two blocks on the left hand side.  The block on the bottom is correct.  My block on the top is wrong.  Oh well!  I learned so much in this class. I might just become a quilter yet.  If I lived nearer to a JoAnn's store, I would be tempted to take more classes there. 


Anonymous said...

We've got a great quilt shop in town and Kim at First Stitches has lots of classes too. They are right by the Dino Depot. MLW

Kim said...

Yes! I've taken at least one class at First Stitches in Canon City. And I buy so much fabric there for my Etsy shop. When my sister comes and visits me here in Colorado, we are planning to take a class together at First Stitches. Should be great. They offer so many great classes!