Saturday, July 29, 2017

Building in Color: Panel #5 Complete

Building in Color: Panel #5

This is Building in Color Panel #5 and it is finally complete. I've been getting very behind when it comes to these panels. I am also working on Panel #6 and Panel #7 at this time.  I am teaching this class one panel each month and there are a total of 10 panels.  It's July so we just started #7 yesterday.  I told myself I had to get #5 (May's Panel) done by Sunday. I got it done just in time!

This panel was a slow knit.  The skills learned in this panel include Make 1 Purl (M1P) and a Star Stitch.  Make 1 Purl is an increase and the Star Stitch makes something that I could call a cluster.  To complete the Star Stitch, you knit three and then cross the first knit stitch over the second and third knit stitches.  The Star Stitch results in a decrease of one stitch.  This panel's design results in a really nice, dense fabric.  It's a fun panel to knit but just seemed to grow rather slowly. 

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