Saturday, February 6, 2016

This Pair of Socks is DONE!

I got this yarn at the Interweave Yarnfest in Loveland, Colorado, last year. It's called "Summer Sprinkle" and its from Western Sky Knits in Lennep, Montana. 

At first I was calling these my Cupcake or Funfetti Socks. The yarn reminded me of of the Funfetti Cake shown above. 

But as I knit these socks, the blue became more dominant and the socks reminded me of the artwork in the children's book titled "The Rainbow Fish". The yarn has sparkly silver stellina threads running through it, just like the book illustrations feature lots of metallic silver in the fish scales. 

I just started a REALLY BIG knitting project. I'll share more about that soon. I am also trying to focus on finishing some other WIPS that have been lingering. It feels good to finish things. 

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